Rules and policies


Bicycles & Scooters

Children may ride their bicycles or scooters to school and park them in the bike racks provided. Bicycles must not be left outside the grounds on public footpaths or at the front of the school. Parents are to reinforce the traffic code taught at school by both the teachers and the police. Bicycles are not to be ridden in the school grounds. Helmets must be worn at all times.

Bookwork policy

Aramac State School staff hold very high expectations of student’s book work. The bookwork policy is visible in every classroom and all students are taught the required expectations. If students choose not to follow these expectations, appropriate consequences will be implemented, parents will be notified. Please see your child’s teacher for further information.

For more information, refer to our bookwork policy (PDF, 379KB).

Departure (Leaving School Early)

Parents, who want their children to leave school early, must make prior arrangements either personally or in writing. Teachers will not dismiss child earlier than normal unless they receive authority from the Principal. All students must be signed out using the Early Departure Register by the parent or designated person.


Departure (School pick up)

Students are to be collected from the McWhannell Street gates.  All students on bicycle or scooter must leave the school grounds via the McWhannell St gate. This gate is supervised at 3pm. The Porter Street is used for staff and visitor access. This is a safety issue as we are only able to provide supervision for one gate.​


Junior Secondary students will be given a school diary at the start of the year. The students are expected to use this as a planning and organisational tool and need to take it to each lesson.  Whilst the diaries are meant to be for students' personal organisation, they are expected to be kept in a neat and tidy condition and free from inappropriate content.



​Students are required to wear our school hats at all times when outside at school. School hats are to be provided by parents and can be purchased from the school. When hats are lost, damaged or no longer fit, parents are required to purchase a school hat. Small caps are not suitable or permitted. Students not wearing their school hat are required to stay under the buildings. We are a Sun Safe school and wide brimmed hats are required.


All teachers at our school will set regular homework. The type of homework may vary from time to time. Teachers carefully consider the amount and content of home tasks. Teachers understand that some children may experience genuine difficulty with homework. Help if possible, but if frustration becomes evident, the most appropriate action is to contact the teacher concerned so parents, teachers and students can work together. 

Weekly Homework Club is available for all students to attend and is supported by teachers and teacher aides. 

Please show an interest in your child’s home studies and in other work they do at school. Talk about the school work being completed to encourage your child’s efforts. Your participation is of great importance and will certainly develop positive and confident study habits and attitudes. 

Homework is sent home weekly, to be completed as advised by the classroom teacher.

For more information​, please see our homework page.


Leaving School Grounds

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds for any purposes—Students may only leave with a parent or a guardian and only after being signed out. 


Junior Secondary students are able to access lockers. Lockers are expected to be kept tidy and damage-free.  Any inappropriate usage will result in the locker privilege being taken off the student.


Personal Technology at school

​Mobile phones and personal iPods are prohibited items at school. If a student has a mobile phone at school, they are required to hand it to the office before 9:00am and pick it up after 3:00pm. If a student is found with a mobile phone at school during school hours they will be requested to hand it in at the office. A second offence of failing to hand the device in before 9:00am will result in a parent or guardian coming to the school to collect the device. Further clarification regarding mobile phones should be referred to via the school Student Code of Conduct.

School uniform policy

View this outline of our school uniform expectations. The uniform is compulsory, and any amendments to the wearing of school pants/shorts and shirt is not acceptable. Daily amendments require a letter from a parent/guardian stating the reason the child is out of uniform. 

During colder months, a school jumper should be worn.  If the jumper is unable to be worn, a black or dark blue jumper is suitable.  Other coloured jumpers are not suitable. If a student does not comply with the school uniform expectations, consequences may apply.  Our school uniform promotes community and inclusion of all students. We wear our uniform with pride.


Smart Food Choices and Tuckshop

Aramac State School is supportive of the Smart Food Policy on healthy eating.  This policy categorises foods as green, amber and red.  Green foods are those that can be eaten all the time, amber foods are those that are 'sometimes' foods and red are those for special occasions.

Students and parents are encouraged to pack lunch boxes with food items from the amber and green food lists, ensuring that all students are enjoying healthy lunch options.  Some classes have a 10 minute brain break. During this time students are only permitted to eat fruit, vegetables or yoghurt.  Please ensure your child has these items in their lunch box for brain break.

Students are not permitted to have iced coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks (including Mother, Red Bull etc) or Powerade drinks at school.  It is recommended students are not sent to school with roll ups, artificial fruit sticks, lollies and chocolates.

Tuckshop ​is available every Friday from the White Bull Café. Orders to be placed directly with the café prior to 9.30am, or put into the tuckshop box at the office on Thursday- in an envelope with name, order and money. Staff from the White Bull Café will deliver tuckshop at first break to the school.


Wet Day Routine

Internal arrangements will be made on extremely wet days. Children will be allowed to eat lunches on verandahs or in rooms. Teachers will supervise children as they undertake quiet recreational activities or follow normal school work. Groups of children will be dismissed to visit toilets in turn.

Last reviewed 04 May 2021
Last updated 04 May 2021