Student services and support programs



Aramac State School is fortunate to enjoy weekly visits from our school chaplain.  It is a great support for students, staff, parents and the wider school community. School Chaplain assists teachers with a variety of curricular and extra-curricular.  All students are able to access this pastoral care support. If students have specific religious questions or concerns, the Chaplain is able to discuss these with students once parental consent has been received.

Support Services

Our Head of Department – Curriculum and Inclusion manages support services for students in our school.  Through Student services meetings, students who require further specialist support are identified and support provided through regional office.  These services include a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Hearing Advisory teachers and inclusive education advisor.  We are fortunate to also have access to Outback Futures who provide specialist services to our students both in person and virtually.  For more information on how we can support your child's learning needs, please see your child's classroom teacher.

Guidance Officer

Aramac State School has a Guidance Office in the school site each fortnight on a Wednesday.  The Guidance officer's role is to enhance the education opportunities for children in the school.  This is done by working directly with students and teachers, support personnel, family and other specialists/professionals.

Guidance Officer's provide pyscho-educational assessment, counselling and referral and case management services in schools. 

Issues concerning your child can be addressed to the classroom teacher.  Referrals are made through the Student Services Committee that is led by our Head of Department – Curriculum and Inclusion. 

Religious Instruction

Religious Instruction is offered to Year 1 - 10 students each term during class time.  This lesson is not compulsory, if you do not want your child to participate please notify the school via phone or in writing.

Dental Clinic

The Health Department conducts a School Dental Clinic and free dental services are provided for our pupils. However, it's important to note that this service is not necessarily provided on a regular yearly basis and parents are strongly encouraged to have their children attend a dentist regularly.

When the school Dental Van is able to visit, parental approval for treatment is necessary and this is sought prior to arrival. Dental Clinic staff request that parents consider attending appointments and also would appreciate the co-operation of parents in accepting after-school appointments if convenient.


Our school community is fortunate to have a school 'Adopt-A- Cop'.  This partnership with the Queensland Police and school provides students the opportunity to learn more about community safety and the rules that all citizens are to up hold.  Some of the activities our school adopt a cop run include - Ride to school Day, Day for Daniel and Braveheart's day.



Last reviewed 27 April 2021
Last updated 27 April 2021